What are the logistics?

Erotic Yoga Logistics

Classes are 1 hour and 30 minutes long. They involve breath, movement, self-touch (clothed), rhythm, heat, sensual delight, music and traditional basic yoga poses. As the class progresses the intensity increases helping dip deeper into your erotic potential.

With your consent, individuals may receive grounding hands-ons adjustments and sensual delight like feathering and whispers, intended to help deepen and ground your experience.

Classes are clothed!

When we hear erotic, we hear sex; we hear naked. Erotic yoga is neither about being naked nor about sex.

That said, with repeated practice, you may sense your own nakedness more fully and awaken to more sex in your life.

How do classes feeL?


Instruction will float past your ears like poetry and your imagination will slip onto a delectable river of delight that is all you...eventually slowing down to a delicious final rest.

Erotic Yoga - Image a space lit with candles


…a space lit with candles, the roll of singing bowls circling our limbs, the smell of flowers reminding us of our own essence and then imagine moving slowly with breath and body, pose to pose, pausing to brush the arch of your foot, whispering sweet nothings of your own sturdy beauty.

Erotic Yoga - Imagine the sounds of heavy rain


…the sounds of heavy rain reminding you of the power and urgency of nature’s deluge, the frenzy of outpouring, uncatchable on your skin, a storm stirs in your body’s temple and then passes in the next breath.

Erotic Yoga - Your heart is precious and fierce


…the mantras, you are so beautiful, you are strong and capable, you are the wind, the sea, the soil, the sun, your sadness is winter, your joy is summer, I see you, I sense you, your heart is precious and fierce and a firey path-lighter.

IMAGINE the erotic potential accessible at any moment, energy that alchemizes the mundane into ecstasy, dissolving into self and surroundings.

Who Are We?

MARTHA WILLIAMS - Erotic Siren & Yoga Guide

Martha Williams is an award-winning filmmaker, event maker and culture shift agent (Culture Shift Agency) with a bold, raucous yet big-hearted style. Before focusing more fully on film, Martha was a movement-based artist, yoga teacher and life coach and is excited to come full circle to explore this new vision: Erotic Yoga. EY will both an experience, a transformation, a performance and an event that elevates the erotic so participants eventually have more facility and choice with this powerful energy.

JOHN SCILIPOTE - Grounding Master & Yoga Guide

John is a musician, yogi, healer, and poet. He has studied Nondual Kabbalistic Healing and Nondual Shamanism with Jason Shulman as well as worked with On The Common Ground, a New York City-based organization supporting men’s work. His professional life includes founding and running Zoom Express, a family-oriented entertainment label, and founding and running Babyface Interactive, a digital marketing and web development company. As an experienced certified yoga instructor, meditator, musician, poet, and healer John brings a solid presence to Erotic Yoga classes that is grounding and healing.