Erotic Yoga FAQs

Let’s Distinguish Between “Sexual” And “Erotic.”

Grounded in the energetic principles of tantra and yin/yang (feminine/masculine), we ask, what if we related to sexuality as eroticism vs. the act of sexual intercourse or the fitful need or lack of need for it? What if we could sense erotic landscape whenever we wanted? What if we understood eroticism to be the air we breathe and the energy that courses through us? What if mastering energy was mainstream? What if our politicians and schoolteachers understood and revered the erotic? This is our vision.

When the senses and imagination are sparked, the potential for eroticism can be everywhere. For example, eroticism can be ignited by the feel of the marble staircase or the sweet and sour burst of an orange slice or brush of a velvet couch, or simply the smell that reminds you of a lover.

What It Is/What It Is Not

What Erotic Yoga Is

  • It is a safe space.
  • It is clothed.
  • It is consensual.
  • It is edgy.
  • It is physical.
  • It is personal.
  • It is co-ed.
  • It is curated.
  • It is sacred.
  • It is reverent.
  • It is erotic.

What Erotic Yoga Is Not

  • It is not an erotic show for your consumption.
  • It is not naked.
  • It is not about sex.
  • It is not a pickup joint.
  • It is not a space for just anyone.
  • It is not willy, nilly and a push over.
  • It is not disrespectful.

How Are You Keeping It Safe?

Physically. We are certified yoga teachers who are very serious about keeping our students safe. That said, yoga is a physical practice where injuries can happen. We encourage all students to pay attention to their bodies and never do anything that’s painful.

Erotically. It is possible you may feel pushed to your edges. With that, we ease into the erotic experience, and typically, students are safely blissed out by the experience. That said, for those who have had sexual trauma, we know you can feel more uneasy. With two instructors always in the room, we are equipped to deal with difficult situations that may arise.

Do I Need To Prepare Or Bring Anything?

Come as you are. We will provide mats, blocks, and blankets. Make sure to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that make you feel good.